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We have made one step forward in the “Duel” brand development by developing softeners which satisfy strictest quality standards with their competitive prices, authentic fragrances and excellent performances.

“Duel” softeners are concentrated (the efficiency of one litre equals four times that of a common softener), they enrich the fabric by rendering it soft and voluminous, make ironing easier, neutralise static cling, giving your laundry a pleasant and long-lasting smell. They do not reduce water absorption, and they have a low allergy potential. Additionally, they are ecologically acceptable owing to their complete biodegradability and do not have a corroding effect on metal parts of washing machines.

The combination of “Duel” washing powders and “Duel” softeners yields the full effect of cleanliness, pleasant smell and softness of your laundry. Our softeners can be found in 500, 1000 and 2000 millilitres packs.
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