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Founded in early nineties in Belgrade, „Beohemija“ has evolved from a company which dealt in wholesale hygiene products, into a company with adequate and respectable production capacities.
Manufacture started in 1997, and only a year later „Beohemija" had already owned its own production and business complex in Belgrade. In 2006, „Delta In“ detergent factory from Zrenjanin, which was bought from „Delta“ company, was joined to this complex, and in 2008, home care factory  „Šampionka“ from Renče, Slovenia, was purchased as well. With this we have rounded off a competitive business system that is, with its offer, entirely geared to meet high demands of modern market.
In 2002, "Beohemija" launched its first brand from the product range of “Pompa” household cleaning products. Soon followed brands from the line of child care cosmetics, as well as a collection of personal care products. In 2006 laundry detergents from the “Duel” line of products (”Duel – Lilac”, and “Duel - Lily of the Valley”), with carefully selected fragrances and of superior quality, became our trademark, as well as one of the most recognizable brands in Serbia. This is how our company fought its way through to the position of the regional leader in the manufacture of laundry powder detergents and household care products. Soon the confirmation of our stability and future development potential came with strategic partnerships and continued cooperation with the greatest and the best world renowned raw materials manufacturers. Introduction of adequate national and international standards, leading-edge technology, as well as investment in our development potentials constitute our pyramid of success, with top-quality products and satisfied customers on its top.

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