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Duel Baby Sensitive

Produced by implementation of cutting –edge technologies, in accordance with the highest European quality standards and by careful choice of components, the specific mild formula of DUEL Baby Sensitive will efficiently remove the most stubborn stains, but at the same time, it will preserve the color of sensitive fabrics. 
The formulation is intended for a certain segment of fabrics, which need to be cleaned from special stains, which need color refreshment, and at the same time, it is intended for laundry of baby clothes and clothes of persons prone to skin irritations.

Duel Baby Sensitive detergent is dermatologically tested at the competent institute of the European Union, and as such, it is recommended for infants and persons with sensitive skin, prone to irritations.
Thanks to the enriched formulation of Duel Baby Sensitive, the softness of clothes is being noticed already after few laundries. The formula of Duel Baby Sensitive detergent is enriched with additives, which provide softness to the clothes.

Duel Baby Sensitive provides optimal measure, considering that the children’s clothes are getting most dirty and they are most often washed.
Duel Baby Sensitive does not contain potential allergens. Carefully selected fragrance without allergens, in accordance to international standards, provides to washed laundry long-term freshness and soft scent.

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