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Laundry detergents
„Beohemija Inhem" detergents have completely risen up to one of the main challenges that manufacturers are facing in the era of modern fabrics: washing at low temperatures, preventing colours from fading and inhibiting fabric damage. A high-quality detergent does not alter the colour of coloured fabric even after 25 consecutive washings. The soft touch of the fabric together with a pleasant smell constitutes the “signature” of a good detergent. Our detergents meet all of these conditions. They contain meticulously selected fragrance notes, bleaches based on active oxygen, water softening agents, and, at the same time, they guarantee an efficient washing by significantly reducing detergent consumption . The upgrade of existing products resulted in detergents with a new formula covering temperature ranges from 30ºC to 95ºC intended for all types of fabric, except for wool and silk, while the increased content of specific components adds to a more efficient and superior stain-removal even at lower washing temperatures. Our detergents are available in pack sizes of 500 grams, 3, 6, 9 and 12 kilograms.
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